Hidden Functions

Prime Sigilis Jan 1, 2009

When the program starts, a list of basic functions appears on screen. These are the basic movement functions (left and right turns, camera rotation, etc) There are a growing number of hidden functions that do not appear on this list. There functionality is explained below.

Take a Photo

To take a picture of what is currently visible in the program, press control-p. This will save a jpeg file in the main Sigilis folder named: map(GRIDx)-(GRIDy).jpg. So if you were in grid location 512::512, the file saved would be map512-512.jpg.


Control-r toggles run mode.


Control-s records a height measurement to the DB. This will be useful for determining model placements.


Pressing Control-m will bring up a list of 'magic' scripts (like jumping to a new grid) to run on the fly.

Look Up and Down

PageUp will pan upwards, PageDown pans down, and Home returns to level.


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