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The Red-Green Calendar

Prime Sigilis Dec 17, 2008

Roughly every 14 months, the Red Star, X,  and the Green Star, X, have a conjunction above and then another below Sigilis separated by about 2 weeks. These regular conjunctions are the basis for the Red-Green Calendar , which marks off time based on the length of the red sun day: 23311 seconds (approx. 6 1/2 hours) and the Red-Green year (the length of time between conjunction pairs). The Red-Green Year consists of 1653 red sun days, which are grouped into 3 octaves of 19 months consisting of 29 red sun days.

Similar cycles exist between the Blue Star, X, and the Green Star which accounts for the Blue-Green Year. There is also a third set of conjunctions between the Red Star and the Blue Star which creates the Red-Blue Year.

As of this writing, on Dec 18th, 2008. We are currently in:

  • Red-Green Year:  32 (Entered July 29th 2008)
  • Blue-Green Year: 38 (Entered May 21st 2008)
  • Red-Blue Year: 19 (Entered March 19th 2008)


Major Conjunctions For 2009

  • Blue-Green on 21 July 2009 from 15:04:15 until 15:04:20 (GMT). This begins Blue-Green Year 39c. The c in the year is because it is a condensed year.
  • Red-Green on 11 October 2009 from 20:36:48 until 20:36:49 (GMT)
  • Red-Green on 25 October 2009 from 11:36:54 until 11:37:00 (GMT). These two conjunctions frame the beginning of Red-Green Year 33

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